Aquatraz - safeguarding your fish
Photo: Steinar Johansen/MNH

The development project for the  Aquatraz safeguarding fish cage is nearing the end. The Aquatraz prevents escape and salmon lice, improves fish health, working conditions and productivity, and is now commercially available. Over the course of three years we have developed three generations of Aquatraz, four fish cages are in operation, the last was launched May 2020. Over 2 years they have accumulated 3 years of operation and produced 5,000 tonnes of salmon. Aquatraz G3 was filled with salmon in summer 2020, and we expect to document the good effects of deeper lice skirts and improved water exchange during the summer. The results from Aquatraz G3 will be included in the final phase of design for the fourth and last generation Aquatraz. From autumn 2020 we are opening for other fish farmers to declare their interest in the fish cage and join the final phase of delivery of  the Aquatraz G4 fish cages.

Aquatraz G3. Oppdrettsanlegg med dype luseskjørt beskytter mot lakselus
Photo: Steinar Johansen/MNH

The third generation Aquatraz was launched at the end of April 2020. This  fish cage includes a total 18 meter deep lice skirts. Having this deep sidewalls, constituting salmon lice skirts is possible due to a highly efficient water exchange system, that has been confirmed in the previous Aquatraz fish cages.

Aquatraz G3 is expected to deliver better than its predecessors on all points, particularly regarding salmon lice reduction and imprpved salmon fillet quality.

The follow through and the technical know-how of the Aquatraz team has exceeded all our expectations.
Aquatraz fish cage prevents salmon lice and escape
Steingrim Holm
Project Manager, MNH