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Aquatraz semi-lukket stålmerd

Results from Aquatraz in operation

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  • 22/02/202214/05/2022

The results after evaluation of the Aquatraz development project with four cage generations, have shown excellent results on criteria such as: no delousing necessary, escape proof technology, productive and financially preferred technology, as well as better welfare and lower mortality rate.

Aquatraz G2 Safeguarding your fish

Increasing fish stocking density while maintaining welfare

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  • 31/03/202114/05/2022

Increasing fish stocking density and at the same time maintining good welfare will give semi closed facilities a competitive advantage: Results from production in Aquatraz show that the fish stocking density can be increased without registering any negative consequences for water quality or fish welfare.

Aquatraz G3 with 18 meter lice skirt

Launching Aquatraz G3 fish cage with deeper lice skirts

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  • 24/04/202026/02/2022

The first two generations, Aquatraz G1 & G2 have proven that the technology works well. The biological results have also been positive, with far less sea lice compared to conventional fish cages with lice skirts. With the new G3 we improve the protection against sea lice even further with an 18 meter deep lice skirt.