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Aquatraz G3 launched with
deeper lice skirts

The first two generations, Aquatraz G1 & G2 have proven that the technology works well. The biological results have also been positive, with far less sea lice compared to conventional fish cages with lice skirts. With the new G3 we improve the protection against sea lice even further.

Steingrim Holm, Midt-Norsk Havbruk

Aquatraz G3. Photo Steinar Johansen/MNH

Deep lice skirts - few salmon lice

On Friday, April 24, Mid-Norwegian Aquaculture received the fourth Aquatraz fish cage, which is the third design generation, G3.

After the hand-over, the fish cage was towed to Kipholman location in Nærøy municipality. There further 10 meter of lice skirts, totalling 18 meter of lice skirts, was implemented.

The extension in the sea lice skirts consists of non-permeable tarpaulin in the side panels of the fish cage. Tarpaulin has also been implemented at the bottom of the fish cage, extending three meters from each side along the bottom net. In total, these changes contribute to improved internal water circulation and an increase in the amount of deep water that is pulled into the cage. This will provide improved fish health and a further reduction in sea lice.

– The positive experiences with the water supply system for the first and second generation fish cages have enabled an increase in the skirt depth to as much as 18 meters for generation three, and thus improved protection from sea lice, without posing any risk to the salmon, Holm summarizes.

Update Aug 28th: There are registered low and decreasing sea lice numbers in Aquatraz G3, without any treatment.

Few salmon lice, improved fillet quality

The positive results from Aquatraz G1 and G2 include few sea lice, firmer fish fillets and improved coloring. In addition, the fish cage has far fewer manual operations and thus improved HSE. Aquatraz G3 is expected to deliver better than its predecessors on all points, but particularly regarding sea lice and fillet quality.

The Aquatraz G3 is equipped with an emergency power unit that starts automatically in the event of power failure, ensuring water quality in the fish cage at all times. A heated storage container has also been installed in order to streamline the daily operation of the cage.

About the road ahead Sandstad reveals:
– When setting out fish in Aquatraz G3 in May, we expect to document the good effects of deeper skirts / side walls and improved water exchange during the summer. The results from this summer will then be included in the final phase of design for the fourth and last generation Aquatraz.